Altegra and MRT get-together in Münich

On 16th of February 2012, the management of Altegra Consulting and MRT met for a one day meeting in the Munich Airport Center for networking and talking on opportunities. 

In an enjoyable ambience, Lars Nydahl, head of Altegra, and Patrick Winkler, head of MRT Austria, explained focus and alignment of the respective companies. The discussion showed that both companies share a similar technical focus and business mindset, while acting in almost disjoint European regions.

Both look to themselves as small, flexible consulting companies, delivering first class PLM expertise to their industry customers. Also, for Altegra and MRT, long-term, trustful customer relationships are key to success. In a growing European PLM market, common potentials have been identified e.g. as exchange of knowhow, mutual support in projects, or service to local customer sites, carried out by the respective local partner.

Further important participants of the meeting were: Svante Larsson, former PLM-head of Sandvik Mining and Construction, now PLM Consultant, Thomas Roner, co-owner of MRT and Gernod Laufkötter, head of MRT Switzerland. Many thanks to all participants – we are looking forward to further steps!